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Explore our carefully curated galleries to immerse yourself in the imaginative application of raw cells in veterinary medicine, serving both educational and aesthetic purposes. Our expansive collection of captivating imagery, spanning Pet Memorials and Animal Art, offers a unique window into the world of veterinary science. These visual masterpieces not only stimulate enlightening conversations among pet owners and dedicated animal hospital personnel but also ignite curiosity and inspire innovative ideas.

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Our high resolution images can be customized to meet the needs of any Animal Hospital needs. From desktop's to large wall murals, Vet Artwork has you covered.

Customer Feedback
Customer Feedback
“How beautiful is this piece from @vetartwork? It’s an enhanced molecular image of laminitis in a horse. Make sure to check these guys out, they’ve got loads of beautiful molecular images! I’m throwing it back to uni days here because I haven’t touched on horse medicine in a while now… Laminitis is essentially inflammation of the laminae in a horse’s hoof. It is very painful and can be caused by a few different things:
— Veterinarian Melody
Customer Feedback
We chose to have a CBM done for our dog Chompski . You see, she was part of a lifelong study thru Morris Animal Foundation that annually took bio samples (hair/nails/urine/blood) . My thoughts as we explored a CBM was, if researchers throughout the world have access to her cells I too wanted the same , but with more of an artistic flare. As you can see the artist captured her essence in color.. This art relays her energy .We proudly hang this piece in remembrance of our Golden girl-Chompski.
— York Family
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Phone Cases

Requested by Vet Techs, our phone cases are super popular with all science geeks alike. We have over 50 available options for both IOS and Android phones.

Yoga Matts

Our yoga matts are perfect for Vet Students wanting to showcase their science knowledge while getting in shape. Not to mention great for creating conversations.

Note Pads

In supporting students in the study of Animal Science, try one of our uniquely designed note pads. One for every category (dog, cat, horse, reptile).


A 500 piece puzzle is alway fun for any Veterinary break room. Make sure to send us a pic of your completed puzzle so Vet Artwork can post it on our social media streams.