Affiliate Program

Perfect For College Students, Vet Techs, and Animal Lovers!

Become An Affiliate

Vet Artwork is building a unique group of Affiliates. Our team of affiliates have a common interest in blending animal science and modern artwork for the veterinary community. In order to join our team, each person should have a passion for animal welfare, well rounded knowledge of the veterinary space, and willing to help make introductions into our ecosystem. We are looking for affiliates in the United States, Canada, Europe, United Kingdon, Australia.

  • Animal Hospital Referrals - Vet Artwork affiliates receive 15% over-rides for every artwork order placed using their unique affiliate code.
  • Pet Memorials - Vet Artwork affiliates are paid 15% over-rides on Cellular Blueprint Memorials. Affiliate code applies to both B2B and consumer purchases. Currently, our Pet Memorials are only offered in the United States.
  • Expectations - Based on your social media reach, influence in the pet market, and frequency of posts, ur affiliates can expect to earn 25k to 50k of annual affiliate fees.
  • Perfect For: Influencers, Vet Techs, Animal Lovers, and Veterinary Students.
United States Europe Canada United Kingdom Australia