Veterinary Pathology

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Your unique findings as a Veterinary Pathologist can now be shared with the world by simply uploading your special image. These images serve a dual purpose, not only for education but also for decoration. If your image is chosen to be displayed in our storefront, you receive a complimentary framed image of your upload. Through our partnerships, each sale of an image is an opportunity to further advance science and education. Our talented artists use their expertise to colorize each sample and create one-of-a-kind artwork and educational pieces. We offer a variety of customization options, including framing, metal, canvas, and acrylic prints.

From Microscope To Walls

It's truly remarkable to witness your unique histology slides adorning the walls of your colleagues. With our streamlined process, all you need to do is upload your special slide, and our dedicated team will take care of the rest. These captivating images serve a dual purpose – they not only educate but also embellish your surroundings. What's even more satisfying is that ten percent of the educational slides you contribute will go towards supporting Animal Science. Join us in this impactful endeavor today!

High resolution images can be jpeg, png, tiff and up to 50MB.

Thank You For Supporting Animal Science Awareness