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Our Mission

The tradition of adorning the walls of veterinary offices with art has been long-standing, but we strive to introduce a unique concept to the world of veterinary artwork. At Vet Artwork, we are committed to advancing the field of animal science through our mission of creating cellular artwork, which also serves as a way to commemorate beloved pets and animals. Our artwork not only adds beauty and vibrancy to any space but also educates and inspires healing. Our pieces may appear to be colorful abstract art at first glance, but upon closer inspection, one can appreciate the intricate cellular morphology and the beauty within. We cordially invite you to adorn your walls with something beautiful and meaningful from our collection. 10% of sales contributing to Animal Science Education.

Our Advisors

Founder & Advisor

Michael has spent his entire career in the medical diagnostic industry building both clinical and pathology laboratories. Currently, Michael is the CEO of GX Sciences genetics laboratory in Austin Texas. His passion has alway been building companies that are "best in class". 

Veterinary Pathologist - Dr. Scot Estep

Dr Estep is a boarded veterinary pathologist. During his 20-year Army career, he ran busy small animal practices, supervised the veterinary pathology residency program, and conducted neurology, ocular, and wound healing research. Dr Estep is an adjunct professor at the Army Medical Center and School and has lectured and taught around the U.S. and Europe on cytology, diagnostic necropsy, Chagas Disease, and feline enteritis.  He has 35 scientific and clinical publications, including 2 book chapters. In 2007, Dr. Estep founded Texas Veterinary Pathology (TVP). 

Veterinarian - Dr. Brian Porter

Dr Brian Porter serves as an advisor to Vet Artwork. He has been on faculty at Texas A&M University since 2004 and has collaborated on over 80 publications. Additional information can be found on Texas A&M’s website.

Join Our Team

Science Is Art

Vet Artwork is always looking for interested advisors and collaborators. If your mission is to advance the awareness of Veterinary Medicine, we want to hear from you.